Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So what's with this blog's title?

Evil Genius Thinktank?

Well, I get called "evil" a lot.  Not in a bad, trying-to-take-over-the-world way.  But in a you're-encouraging-me-to-misbehave, mischievous way.  Sort of "evil-like" if you will.

The genius part?  Well, yes, I am intelligent, no lie.  But it's more the sum of the parts.

In one of my many delusions of grandeur, I thought "wouldn't it be fun to have a thinktank?"  I mean, if you had all the money in the world, after you've traveled and bought a house and a Bugatti Veyron ( I know it's a pipe dream), what would be happier than to be able to afford to hire your friends for some sort of fun work?  Then they would be around, and you could all spend the day doing things like playing games or dreaming up strategies to, I don't know, allow the empire to win in Star Wars.  What would I call such an enterprise?  Evil Genius Thinktank.  You have needs; we have masterminds.

Well, surprisingly, I do not have all the money in the world.  So I can't afford to create such a company.  But I can create a blog!  And so it has begun. 

Did I just hear an evil laugh echo down the hall?  Hmmm.

Welcome to the blogosphere

I'm not quite sure what the heck I'm thinking here, but yeah.  I'm starting a blog.  All the cool kids are doing it.

So what do I have to say for myself?  Who knows!  I guess we'll be finding out about that too along the way.

Let's start life on a positive note.  Here are things that I like!

Music.  Specifically Muse and Depeche Mode.  But also Garbage, Sheryl Crow, Metric, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, They Might Be Giants, K T Tunstall ... yeah, you could say I have eclectic taste.

Books.  I love to read.  I wish I wrote more.  That is part of why I started this blog!  I love to write.  And I think I'm funny.  Sorry, but at least you've been fairly warned.

Games.  All sorts.  When I was a child, anything my much older sister was willing to play was fine by me.  Now it's more video games, board games and role-playing games.  I still don't get to play as often as I'd like, but that's okay.

Movies/TV.  I love Anime and Sci Fi.  I'm currently obsessed with Doctor Who.  And yes, I enjoy the occasional romantic comedy.  But I think I watch less TV than a lot of people.  My DVR might say I'm lying though.

I'm sure you will hear a lot more about all of these things as the posts are written.

So here is one random fact about me.  I love the Fresh Ink line of greeting cards at Hallmark.  They are ridiculous and hilarious and sometimes when I'm having a bad day I will just go read them after work.  That is my sense of humor right there.  And speaking of Hallmark, I also like Hoops and Yoyo.  If either of these things don't make you laugh, then you and I may never be able to be friends.  Guess we'll see.

Anyhow, welcome and thanks for reading my first post!