Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tyrion, oh my

I think Peter Dinklage is a very attractive man.     

The hard copy of this edition of Rolling Stone is sitting on my desk right now, looking at me.

Yes, he is a little person – which I believe/hope is the politically correct term. 

At first I wondered if this made me weird or something, but after discussing HBO’s Game of Thrones ad naseum in the office, I realized I am not alone.

Most women in fact find him very handsome.

He is happily married to a normal-sized woman, and they have a daughter.

(If I said I wasn’t jealous, I’d be lying.)

In pondering this ever-so-important topic, I thought of something I'd heard at least 10 if not 20 years ago.  IIRC, An Asian actress was discussing race in Hollywood, and she said "I am just waiting for there to be a male Asian sex symbol."  I believe it predated Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon's release -- which probably made whichever actress very happy.

So, having a little person viewed as a sex symbol by many Americans - does this mean something good about people having open minds?  

That would be a good thing.

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