Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cranky Pants

I am currently very cranky.  The world has conspired against me to make it so, and you don't need to know details.  However I am such a ... well, not nice word ... when I'm cranky, that I have been given nicknames for it.  (It's funny as long as you're not dealing with it first hand.  Then, not so funny I've been told.)

1)  Mama Bear.  This is a more generic nickname, but it comes into play for me when I feel the need to protect others - especially any people I manage.  Do not eff with people I feel responsible for.  I will verbally eviscerate you.  And then I will hold it against you.

2)  KT Crankypants.  I'm not entirely sure if this is the proper spelling.  But this is what the employees I managed in a previous company called me when I was cranky.  I usually laughed at it and tried to lighten up.  But not always.

3)  T**** Girl.  This is not a curse word I'm bleeping out, it's a family surname.  On my maternal side of the family, very strong, independent females are literally part of the gene pool.  My mother is one of three daughters with this surname.  She is the "nicest," and you still don't want to mess with her.  When my maternal grandfather was very ill before he died, I actually grew to feel sorry for the hospital management because they had to deal with all three daughters - one of whom is a hospital administrator (now retired).  Whenever this name comes up, I am usually using it in warning to others.  As in, "Do you want to see my T**** blood come to the surface?  Cause I'm pretty sure you don't."   Or my handful of close friends going "Okay, you're having a T**** Girl moment.  Calm down."  (Note - my actual surname doesn't have any gene traits attached to it, though it does usually come with blue eyes and a particular nose shape.  Though I do take after my father's extreme stubbornness.)

So, nicknames aside, how does one deal with being cranky?  I do my darndest to prevent it from happening.  But when it happens, I listen to loud music - typically rock or alternative.  On my headphones in the office, and in the car on the way from the office.  Depending on when/where I am, I might have a drink - not necessarily alcohol.  Caffeine is my friend, too.

What do you do when you're cranky? 


  1. I find myself pouring my frustration into a video game, writing our creating a scenario that will test the living hell out of my gaming group.

  2. Killing fictional things ranks very highly on my list of "ways to relieve frustration." I can't wait for SW:TOR to release!

  3. Was #2 created at B***** while we were both there?

    And you certainly can be a Mama Bear, but it's because you care. It's a sign of affection, thus a name of affection.

    I get called it sometimes by my employees...or Mother Lion, actually. Lol!

    When I'm super cranky I take a bubble bath and/or read. Alone. Locked in a room so a toddler or well intentioned husband can't bother me.

    That, or a grind my teeth at night.

  4. Yes, #2 was indeed created there. And I like to think that Mama Bear comes out because I care, so thanks.

    I have also started to grind my teeth at night! So annoying to do things in your sleep that you can't control.

    I like Mother Lion. That's a good one.

  5. So loud music is my normal fallback at work. Music is a window to the soul and it lets you release that energy in a good way.

    Normally I try and focus my mind and ask why am I getting frustrated and angry about the situation. I try and convince myself that I am only making it worse by doing that, so I need to put aside that anger and constructively figure out a solution. Logic FTW.

    Of course that doesn't always work. I'm a stubborn Polak who has no issues arguing and fighting to get his way.

    When I'm home or with friends, games. Let your mind focus on something fun and entertaining. Doesn't matter if it is Dixit or Starcraft.