Friday, October 28, 2011


Are Fridays universally appealing?  Are there people who do not like Fridays?

I have made my to-do list for the weekend, I'm scrambling like a fool to try to get work done so I don't have to do anything this weekend, I'm writing a blog post ...  and yet, tonight when I get home I will likely be asleep before midnight.

Why?  Because it's Friday.

I can sleep in on Saturday morning, yet Friday night is typically the night I fall asleep the earliest.  It's usually a combination of the horrid work week and the fact that I don't feel hurried to get stuff done on Friday night, unlike Sunday - Thursday.  I can do that stuff over the weekend (which inevitably translates into Sunday night).

Sunday night on the other hand, I rarely sleep well.  I fight the start of the work week tooth and nail.  I don't want to give up on my weekend.  I want to enjoy every last minute.  Even though inevitably this means I'm tired all day on Monday.  I am not going to give in!  They'll never take me alive!

TGIF.  I'm ready for this weekend.

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