Thursday, October 6, 2011

Voices in my head, pt 1

I am a quick learner when something interests me.  But if I know that learning something (and by "something" today I mean: software) will lead me to change how I do something, or add to my ever-growing list of responsibilities, I am more stubborn than a mule.

(I have to say "more" stubborn than a mule because my standard status is "as" stubborn as a mule.)

I'm in the middle of a conversation with myself about this.  I have lots of conversations with myself.  They are fun (especially if I've been drinking).  I also can make myself laugh pretty easily - but that's another post.

An excerpt from the voices in my head:

This is stupid.
You're totally right.  This IS stupid.  But we have to do it anyway.
Why?  We could just quit.
Yeah, and how would we pay for important things - like video games, cat food, GenCon? 
Haven't figured that out yet.
Let me know if you do.
Why can't we just be retired already?  Or independently wealthy?
Cause that's what our parents get to do now, when they aren't busy pointing at us and laughing.
Oh yeah.  ... Jerks.
Shut up, you love those jerks.
So, they're still jerks.
Sigh... fine.  Whatever.  I've got to get back to work now.
No, you should totally blog about this.
Will that shut you up.
... For now.


I believe this will be part 1 in a series.  Mostly because I got the other voice to shut up with this bribe.

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