Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Farkle me.

I'm constantly amazed by all the stuff that Facebook can do.

Usually, as in life, I'm more of a voyeur observer on Facebook.  I am conscious that I have co-workers, clients, family, etc who can see what I post, and so I don't let my geekiness get the best of me (usually).

I love looking at people's pictures, and seeing what they are up to, and just generally feeling like I may actually be a part of my friends' lives.

I even knew that there are games on Facebook.  A couple of years ago, I fell into an addiction to Bejeweled Blitz.  I had to wean myself off gradually.  It was a painful process.  ("No, c'mon, we can break a score of 200,000!")

Since then, I've been wary about what games I'll play.  I tried Gardens of Time after receiving a request from a friend.  It's light-hearted and fun.  I typically play when I'm traveling for work.  I started Dragon Age Legends (have we gotten to the part where you learn I'm a Bioware fangirl?  hmm well we will).  I started that during beta but haven't gone back and revisited in a while.  Will probably correct that soon.

But last night in my hotel room, after playing some Gardens of Time, I discovered Farkle.  It's a press-your-luck style dice game, and a variant on a game that my family plays at holidays called 10,000.  Apparently I missed out when my friends were playing this game.  But my sister and I are playing now (she's kicking my butt, for the curious).

Farkle, in addition to being fun to play, is just a fun word to say.  Farkle farkle farkle farkle.  I mean, what else rhymes with sparkle?  

I am obsessed.  Oh yes, I will get a high score.  I will beat my sister.  Who needs sleep. 

In related news, I was strangely tired at work all day today.  Had to resort to caffeine, which I try to avoid most of the time.  (Mostly so that when I do need it, it's still effective.  I know.  I'm twisted like that.)

Here's hoping I go to sleep before midnight tonight!  Farkle.  Farkle.  Farkle.

1 comment:

  1. Markle. That rhymes! And it's a real word!

    I looked it up. Yes. I did.

    Cause I'm a geek like that.

    It's actually a surname.

    Matriarchal. I could say patriarchal, but this is a woman's blog so screw patriarchs! Or better yet, fark them!

    I "limit" my caffeine intake for the same reason - so that when I need it for a late night gaming session it will be effective.