Monday, July 18, 2011

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson: A Primer

The best thing on network television is a late night talk show called (shockingly) The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.  It is smart and funny on a budget – something I can only aspire to be one day.  It is also the only network show I’ve ever heard mention Cthulhu – so it has geek cred.

Here are a few things I love about the show, and clips of each.  Maybe you too can become addicted to this Scottish-born American.

  • If I were forced to make a choice, Sid is my favorite thing on the show.  Yes, Sid always makes me smile.  But also, my cat Hermione is fascinated by Sid.  So I wouldn’t want to deprive her of the one thing on TV she watches.   Sid show opening example 
  • Geoff Peterson is Craig Ferguson’s robot skeleton sidekick.  He was created by Grant Imahara of Mythbusters fame (“thank the maker!”).  Geoff Peterson is purported to be gay, but has also been described as having no robot genatalia and also being unable to function more than 12 feet from an electrical outlet.
For the first year of his life, he had a series of pre-recorded phrases that would be interjected for comic affect, mostly during the monologue and the tweets/emails section.  Typically this would involve the phrases “Balls!”  or “In Your Pants!”  or sometimes “Balls…In Your Pants!” 

Now, however, Mr. Peterson’s voice is provided live for most shows, which allows him to interact with Mr. Ferguson.  This usually leads to Mr. Ferguson cracking up, which makes me laugh.   Geoff Peterson hijinks
  • Craig Ferguson loves Doctor Who.  So do I (oh, we’ll cover that later – don’t you worry!).  He has a tardis on his desk.  And occasionally, if we’re lucky, he has Doctor Who-related guests on the show.
Alex Kingston aka River Song  (makes me laugh every time)
  • When the Disney movie Secretariat was in publicity mode, the show started using two people (presumably underpaid interns) in a horse costume on the show.  When Craig rang the doorbell and said “Who’s that at the door?” it usually was Secretariat – but not always, since the doorbell was in play before that time to bring surprise guests on stage.  Secretariat’s appearance brings music and the secretariat dance, which essentially is waving your arms maniacally over your head.  A good maniacally, though.  Secretariat dance montage
  • Kristen Bell is the best guest I’ve ever seen on the show.  She is also jealous of Geoff Peterson, because she would like to be Craig’s cohost. Kristen Bell on the show
  • This was one of the best moments on network television that I’ve ever witnessed.  Just watch it already.  Epic Win with Neil Gaiman

Here's hoping that you'll enjoy Craig Ferguson as much as I do!

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