Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

Ah, the end of summer.  How I love it.

Until I was an adult, the end of summer made me very sad.  During elementary school, the school year wouldn't start until after Labor Day, and it ended in mid-June.  So Labor Day marked the end of summer.  It still does for me on a fundamental level, even though technically summer continues until the autumnal equinox.

After my family moved to Oklahoma, the school year changed around.  We moved in the spring, and I basically had an month less of school that year, because in Oklahoma (and most of the south, it seems) school ended in May and started in August.  Not sure why that is the case, since August is so ridiculously hot, but I wasn't complaining at the time.  Then, Labor Day weekend became a welcome 3 day weekend and break.  But summer ending in mid-August was still sad.

Now, I love the end of summer.  I think the major difference is that I pay my own electric bill, and almost 70 days of 100+ degree weather makes that a pretty penny.  Also, my sister is a school librarian (okay, fine,  "media specialist").  The end of summer means she has to start working and stop tormenting me with her 10 weeks in a row off and behave like a grown-up.  (I am sure I'd feel differently if I had the summer off, too.)  I am always excited to flip the calendar to September, and see that three-day weekend staring me in the face.

Also, Fall is my favorite season.  I love October the most; it's my favorite month of the year.  The temperatures are pleasant, the leaves change color.  There are birthdays and Halloween, the most fun holiday because it involves costumes!  Every Labor Day, I think ... October is around the corner! 

So, Happy Labor Day everybody!  On to October!


  1. I agree. Halloween is the best holiday in the whole year. Of course around here we have to call it "the harvest festival" so that they don't try to burn us for being devil or demon worshipers. I was sad the other year when they moved all of the trick-or-treating to a different night (I honestly do enjoy passing out candy to children who have fun dressing up), as it made Halloween itself seem less fun.

  2. Halloween...I mean, Harvest fantastic. I always dress up for work. I usually know my costume MONTHS ahead of time (I've known this year since March, though I may yet change my mind). And trick-or-treating should be on Halloween. Wherever you live, I'm shaking my fist at the vox populi.