Monday, September 12, 2011

Texas State Fair

Texans generally like to fry things.  (Do other states have Fried Pickle Slices?  Maybe other Southern states do, but I don’t recall seeing them anywhere.)

We have a state fair – held in Dallas - that is famous for fried food.  In fact, Oprah came to the Texas State Fair, and I presume it was only to eat the food.

This year, Fried Bubble Gum is the strangest offering I’ve heard about.  Apparently that is a deep-fried marshmallow that tastes like bubble gum.  There are other unusual fried concoctions as well. 
For my part, I have never been to the Texas State Fair.  Really.  Honest.  This is very strange, since the fair is such a big deal in DFW that all school districts have a day off for it.  No, I’m not kidding.

It looks interesting, so I’m sure that I’ll go at some point.  I imagine it to be walking around, drinking beer or margaritas, and eating fried food.  I am guessing there are rides.   There’s probably livestock.  But no one ever talks about those things.  Just food.

I’m pretty sure the corn dog was invented at the Texas State Fair, and those are pretty awesome.  I guess fried bubble gum could be the new corn dog, but I doubt it.  I’m a big fan of fried green beans, but I don’t know if that came from the Texas State Fair or not.

So… can you tell it’s dinner time? 


  1. I've found fried pickles at a few of the fairs and events in Michigan, but we definitely don't have fried bubblegum (though I have heard of the fried marshmallow). Of course I've found and seen a bunch of fried Polish foods at those fairs that you probably don't have down in Texas.

  2. The fried butter several years ago was pretty orgasmic. I haven't tried the fried Coca Cola yet.

    You're right that there lots of rides, and games like throwing a ball at the milk bottles, ect. There are quilt shows, and livestock shows, and dog Frisbee contests. There are tons of craft vendors - people who make their own products like Texas honey, or leather bejeweled country style wallets and purses. There are displays of local artists showing all kinds of styles of painting and sculptures.

    But, you're right, when people think or talk about the Texas State Fair, they think of the food first and foremost. Unless you're 7 or 8. Then you think about the ferris wheel.

    The Hubs and I will try to take you. Maybe we can get C.B. and the T's to go with us.

  3. Fried Polish foods - yeah, you're probably right. Texas has a fairly strong Germanic food culture, so you can find Pirogues somewhat easily. Other than that, I don't know of many Eastern European specialties.

    And Fried Butter did sound pretty good (basically fried dough with melted butter inside). I'm sure the fair is a pretty unique experience. If not this year, Krista, maybe next!