Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wuss Card

We’ve covered how much I love to read, yes?  So I think it’s time I confessed something girly.  I cry a LOT when I’m reading.

Generally, I immerse myself in whatever fictional universe I find myself in, which is part of why I hate scary movies.  I also have real feelings for fictional characters (cringing with embarrassment here, but it’s the truth).  So I am upset when bad things happen.

In stories, I cry when people I care about die, assuming the writing and/or characters of sufficient quality that I care that they are dying.  (Spoiler alert.)  Every time I read Harry Potter, I cry when Sirius Black dies.  I feel his death more than Dumbledore’s.  I cry in Lord of the Rings when Theoden dies.  I cried finishing Sandman.  

However, I also cry at things besides death.  I feel sadness keenly.  I hate it when people are humiliated.  I am discomforted by avoidable ignorance, aka “if only I’d known….”  That makes me crazy!

This is not limited to books.  Every episode of Doctor Who that involves River Song makes me cry at some point (remember her?).  I cry during the episode Ellie on The West Wing because of the relationship between the president and his daughter.  I cry at anything that involves an animal being hurt.

I cry, people.  I cry. 

I know.  I’m such a wuss.


  1. You're not a wuss. You are a very sympathetic person and more people would love to be more like you. More people would love to have more friends like you.

    I'm lucky because I DO have you as a friend.

    Thanks for feeling "discomforted" by my "if I'd only known" moment this week... ;)

    Your sympathy and words of encouragement give me strength, more than I could ever give to you.

    Love you.

  2. You're a great friend too! And your "if only I'd known" didn't make me cry (yay!). :)

    I am glad I help you be strong. I'd like to think I'm good at that. :)

    Love you too!