Tuesday, January 31, 2012

En Fuego

I got a Kindle Fire as a holiday present.

At first, we sort of looked at each other:  me at its pretty box, it at my multiple, overflowing bookshelves.

We weren't sure that we'd get along.  It knew I really had the hots for an ipad.  I wasn't sure if I could settle for "less."

But then one day, I invited it out of its cage box, just to smell the air and meet the cats.

In return, it informed me that it would like to use the charging facilities, if I would be so kind.

Slowly we became friends.

I bought a couple of apps:  Angry Birds, The Moron Test, Where's My Water - you know, the essentials.  I downloaded the Netflix app.

We played and annoyed the cats together, then laughed at the cats being annoyed.

Then I ventured onto Amazon and found a book to try.  Cause if there's anything I need, it is another book to read.

Then I devoured that book like a kid with Halloween candy.

And that's when I knew.  It's the one.

ipad shmipad.  My fire is kindled.


  1. So my only question is... do you miss the feel of paper yet?

    I've recently been using my tablet for reading (though only when I can find the books for a good price), and I have to say I do enjoy it. A lot more than I thought I would. Especially when it comes to comics and manga, the size is just right. I know though, that it will likely never replace my overflowing shelves of hardcovers though. Which is strange, due to me being a techie and always looking to modernize things.

    1. I still read my analog books. But I don't miss the paper on the couple of books I have bought digitally. I doubt I would ever go completely paperless though.

  2. I feel like this post should somehow become the next Kindle Fire commercial.

    Ironically posted from an iPad

    1. "When it's right, you just know." I should totally be in advertising.

  3. I love you. I love your writing.

    And I sound like a creepy blogger stalker right now.


    1. Well, you're my favorite creepy blogger stalker.

      And thanks for the compliment!